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A band, for people that have taste unlike entries 2 and 3, that is simply AMAZING.
They're fun people, a fabulous live band, marvelous songs, cool clothes, and they're just freaking awesome. :D
They have has three albums out, The PInk Spiders are Taking Over,Hot Pink, and Teenage Graffiti.
And a their new album, Sweat It Out, is coming soon.
Buy it or be square! =D
Don't know who they are?
Check out their MySpace/website and let their awesomeness overpower you. =]]]
The Pink Spiders are love.(:
Me: Woot! Check out this awesome band called The Pink Spiders best buddy! :D
Best Buddy: Oh my goodness. They are wow. I love them!
Me: Well let's love them together! :D

And me and my best buddy lived happily ever after. :]
by bobaBrittney September 18, 2007

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