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Having a conversation with someone only during the commercial break of a TV show or sporting event, quickly ending when the program comes back on.
Only having 2 minutes and two seconds per commercial conversation, Danny and June took the entire Super Bowl to decide where to have dinner that weekend.
by bob_c_o January 17, 2010
This is someone who gives you a gift, usually a gift certificate at a bar or restaurant, with the intention of you using it with them, so in effect, it is only a half-gift
Danny: Happy birthday, Mike, here's your gift!

Mike: Hey, a $50 gift certificate to Rob's Good Time Bar, thanks!

Danny: What are you doing today? I was thinking of going to Robs, wanna go?

Mike: Ummmm, yeah, I guess...(wow, what a cheap fuck Dan is, he is the half-gift giver, looks like I'm paying for the tab, ... again...)
by bob_c_o January 31, 2010

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