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someone who can't play music for shit.
take the trumpet off your mouth. you're flat.
by bob the unbuilder April 02, 2007
Word certain individuals from outside the United States like to incorrectly use to describe American football, because they think someone cares about their tiny, stupid opinions, in their tiny, stupid European countries.
"I think I'll play some ameriball after I'm done copulating with this sheep."
by Bob the Unbuilder July 24, 2006
a person residing in Flour Bluff, a lower-class town that became "ghetto suburbs" of the southern coast of Corpus Christi, Texas. Banked by Corpus Christi Bay, Oso Bay, and the Laguna Madre, Flour Bluff is a Navy town, with its own school district separate from that of greater Corpus Christi. it's a smelly place with a Wal-mart and weed growing in the sidewalk cracks.
"damn, she's ugly, she must be a bluff rat!" or "i got this dope from a bluffrat who grows his own."
by bob the unbuilder April 02, 2007
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