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One member out of a group of black children nigglets running completely wild like a pack of rabid dogs. They dress like junior gangstas, and their vocabulary is generally limited to grunting sounds, foul language and reciting rap lyrics. Usually found in a ghetto neighborhood fighting each other for a dollar and/or harassing anyone unfortunate enough to be passing by, they also are fond of boarding city buses (being totally disruptive and nasty to anyone unfortunate enough to have paid for the ride), and from time-to-time going downtown to steal from local businesses. Nigglets also perform sneaky gremlin-like acts of petty destruction such as keying cars, breaking windows and glass bottles, defacing property, etc.
We were driving down the street minding our own business, when a group of black kids, wearing oversized t-shirts and headbands, came running behind our car.

They were screaming and throwing garbage at us as Bob the driver said, "uh-oh, here come the nigglets.".
by bob the driver September 30, 2007

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