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sexually aroused
I am so horny.
by Bob Smith June 02, 2003
computerized games involving many gernes of types
I play video games because murder in real life is illegal.
by Bob Smith May 01, 2003
1. to fuck

2. a sound effect for when something bounces
i boinked your mom

the ball goes boink boink
by bob smith June 03, 2004
writing alex fast and misspelling it competely and being a lazy ass.
aelx is a lazyass and needs help.
by bob smith February 02, 2005
a man having the baby of another man via his anus.
john had bobby's anal child after a night of wild homo sex
by bob smith March 04, 2005
The area between the schnackel and the hershey highway, that is often hairy and sweaty during ball-sackin whackin activity.
I'm currently settling down to a nice warm glass of grundle juice.
by Bob Smith August 17, 2003
A nerd, a really intilligent person, a braniac
Albert Einstein was an edryk.
by Bob Smith April 13, 2005
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