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Vaginal Blood Fart
The supply teacher should not have worn white as she was prone to explosive VBFs.
by Bob Boston May 01, 2003
the unfortunate & unpredictable outcome of tossing a salad that leaves the tosser with crumbs in their eyelashes.
We all loved the song "Brown Eyed Girl" until we found out it was a song about the crouton wink.
by Bob Boston May 21, 2003
cunnilingus performed by sticking out ones' tongue and moving it around in a cut loose fashion. not to be confused with the "stalled one".
It was her birthday, so I provided her with some oral stimulation via the flickering one.
by Bob Boston May 09, 2003
forceful rancid fart
I was praying it was her pet dog, but given the smell, I was pretty sure she was the one who had tarfed.
by Bob Boston May 09, 2003
cunnilingus performed by simply sticking out ones' tongue & not moving it
I was far too drunk to perform sexually, so she mounted my face & I busted out with the always exciting stalled one.
by Bob Boston May 09, 2003
Beer chugging method/apparatus popularized & conceptualized by super-bartender Octavian consisting of a small-bottom-holed-out beer bottle being refilled & slammed in next to no time.
You wanna take this party up a notch? Yes? Then lets break out the Octavian and get wrecked!
by Bob Boston August 05, 2004
Super Wicked Ass Sweat
You could see her swas stain right through her spandex.
by Bob Boston May 01, 2003
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