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5 definitions by blzdp

A salesperson in the freight forwarder industry.
I own a shoe company and I get Freight whores calling on me everyday asking for my shipping business.
by blzdp June 23, 2003
15 5
to become fully imeresed.
Jim was ballzdeep in his homework.
by blzdp June 19, 2003
12 4
one who dabbles in the art of "butt fucking"
steve (the faggot) is such an ass ho!
by blzdp July 22, 2003
19 14
one one roams the world overindulging at every oppurtunity.
Jimmy Buffet is a Big Urn.
by blzdp June 23, 2003
3 5
having the personality of a cocksucker
That Joe sure is a fucking cheesedick!
by blzdp June 23, 2003
42 63