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An alternative request to suck my dick
Friend 1 - Hey, it must be your turn to get the beers in?

Friend 2 - Bite my Banger
by blurtworth January 05, 2011
An alternative to Bite my banger. Giving an individual the choice of which testicle to lick.
Friend 1 - Hey, I heard you copped off with a right minger the other night?

Friend 2 - Why don't you Lick my left one?
by blurtworth January 05, 2011
Alternative phrase to Boxing glove on the end of a swans neck when describing a man who is well endowed in the trouser department
Woman in pub - So then, tell me why I should go on a date with your friend Dave?

Man in pub - Because love, he has a cock like a roll of wallpaper!
by blurtworth January 07, 2011
Cockney Rhyming slang for particularly painful piles.
Mum - Hiya son, did you enjoy your curry last night?

Son - Yes but now my Duke of Argyle's are in a right bloody state!
by blurtworth January 07, 2011

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