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1 definition by blurpop

The term coined by a UK band called Hadouken. They mention the term Indie Cindy in their lyrics to their song, That Boy That Girl.

"That girl's an Indie Cindy,
Lego haircut and polka-dot dress,
I don't care if she thinks she's indie,
How she's different is anyones guess."

An Indie Cindy is described as a girl with painted eyebrows, lego haircut, wears a polka-dot dress, carries a shiny red handbag that matches her shiny red shoes, is spotted at indie night clubs, pouts while dancing or posing for pics, wears glowsticks, goes to Klaxons gigs, idolizes The Pipettes or Karen O, and loves the following: mascara, vodka and coke, pink, the 50's, skinny boys, kitsch, myspace and NME.
That girl is an indie cindy!
She is sooo indie cindy!
by blurpop April 14, 2007
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