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The feeling of terror you are stricken with when you flush the toilet at a party...and the water level keeps rising and rising before finally draining.
"Dude, Kim's toilet went to the lid before it drained. Talk about flushtered, I was scared shitless with those girls waiting to go after me."
by bluegrassg8r January 18, 2009
A person who becomes more opinionated in a bar or pub after a few drinks.
After a pitcher of Guinness, Ben gets bargumentative about everything from bands to football. He's kind of a dick.
by bluegrassg8r June 27, 2011
When two or more used bars of soap meld together in the shower or soap dish, creating one grotesque, misshapen bar. You'll use it, but you won't like it.
After two months, the three used bars in the soap dish finally melted together and became a Frankensoap. It's aliiiiiiiiiivvvvve!
by bluegrassg8r July 27, 2013

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