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A county within the state of Maryland that has a liitle bit of every culture from the "ghetto" areas in wheaton ,kensington and silver spring to the multi-million dollar mansions and homes of diplomats doctors and lawyers of potomac. kids in moco start smoking weed in middle school and by freshman year are usually selling it to make money. most MoCo kids usually can also out drink college seniors by the age of 15. this county has a little bit of everything from the rich kids in Potomac who attend Churchill high school in their bmw's who go have all night ragers at mansions too kids who atend einstien who have most likely repeated several years and have several arrests on their record
me: hey brah you fuckin wit that party around my way in MoCo later?
out of state kid: wtf are you saying??
me:calm your tits
by bluedreamin August 08, 2012

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