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A futile waste of time and energy.
"I tried to reason with her, but I was pissing against the wind"
by Bloomfield13 August 13, 2008
Passing gas while navigating thru a crowd in bar/nightclub. Derived from drive-by.
"The club was way too busy last night. Left early, but did a viscious fart-by on the way out."
by Bloomfield13 August 08, 2008
A definition added to urban dictionary under the influence of alchohol/drugs which seems to the contributor to be witty, but on sober reflection is worthless.
"Made a pissed entry on Urban Dictionary last night, Let's hope the editors were pissed too!"
by Bloomfield13 August 21, 2008
Non-existent text slang. Just Made This Up.
c u l8r. jmtu
by bloomfield13 November 23, 2011
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