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sXephil is amazing.
He's NOT straight edge. He does drink! He is an internet celebrity on YouTube. He "phils you in" about news that you probably wouldn't hear about regulary. Sometimes the stories are funny and sometimes they are serious. He has done some game reviews as well. He sometimes makes jokes about punching babies and "things smaller than him", but he's just joking and is really a great guy. He does awesome prank calls on his live shows. He has been featured on TV and in news papers for his videos ('8 Teens Charged With Beating 16 y/o Girl' and 'F*CK VIACOM!...').
Dude 1: Hey! Have you been Phil'd in today?
Dude 2: Yeah! sXephil's new video was awesome!
by bloocar July 11, 2008

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