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A person who has their own style. Often people try to emulate their style, but THE Original is the person that starts the trend in the first place. Usually, The Original is stylish and hot. People of the opposite sex would have issues if they wouldn't want to rip The Original's clothes off. Usually they are also funny and awesome.
That Ashley, She's a The Original!

Wow, I've never seen anyone wear that BEFORE her, she's Original!
by blondie129 November 07, 2012
A person with an unusual and unique skin color, extremely pale. Usually people with this skin tone wear black clothing and scarfs. It's often thought that people that maintain an off white color all year round are allergic to the sun. Most of the time off white's have a good sense of humor and are really funny and awesome. They don't mind if you poke fun at their skin color and their moms don't yell at the people that make fun of them.

Opposite of a tan person.
That off white, she's really funny and awesome. She even wore purple instead of black the other day!

Off white was over the other day and we were cracking up because she blended in with the off white walls at my house.
by blondie129 November 09, 2012

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