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A super cool chick who has awesome hair. She also has great purses. Always makes people laugh.
*Melissa walks in*
Person: *stares at Melisssa's purse*
Melissa: Um, Person, do you work at American Airlines?
Person: What? No.
Melissa: Then why are you checking my bag?*Flips shiney hair over shoulder*
*Everyone laughs*
by blonde_is_better March 29, 2009
OK ya know when your all, ugh I hate her, or man that's so unfair?
Well, pissed is such a strong word,so say, "I'm so cheesed!"

Someone: Man, Mr. Sometwo was so unfair.
Somethree: I know, I'm so cheesed!
by blonde_is_better April 17, 2009

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