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A word sometimes miss pronounced by little kids when they try to say the word "hug" Instead of saying it with a hard G as in good, they say it with a soft G as in the second G in garaGe.
"I want to huj this penguin so bad"
by blkhockeypro19 July 13, 2008
When 2 people are looking into eachother's eyes and they smile, causing their cheeks to lift in a cute happy way. A mix between the words smile and love.
Mackenzie had the biggest smove on her face when we were looking into eachother's eyes.
by blkhockeypro19 January 25, 2009
a word that brittany says all the time. I've never gotten a strait up answer but it sounds like it means: to squeeze and hug a soft, sqishy, all around huggable object until you're as happy as a clam XD.
"I want to meech so bad with that fat squishy penguin :D"
by blkhockeypro19 July 13, 2008

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