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1 definition by blitz101

An overly addicting site in which you 'creep' other peoples pages, and tag them back when ever your life is lacking excitement. You can buy Nexopia Plus which will soon relieve you of that hard earned allowance, so that you can upload even MORE of your ugly and crap ass pictures, and add more text to your 'About Me' Section, just for you to add a long never ending list of those bands you probably don't even listen to.

Nexopia is also a great place for nerds to take revenge on people they hate, and flame them with their mad 1337 typing skills and become the
Emo is the most common form of people on nexopia.com
They gather in large groups and trade razors between eachother. They are recognizable by their herd-like packs, wander aimlessly in malls to search for new trashy belts, or just for the fun of showing off their emo-ness.
by blitz101 April 11, 2006