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7 definitions by blarg

Could mean either "Go fuck yourself" or "Good for you". Either one works quite effectivly.
person1: "Yeah, I won the prize!11!!!1"
by Blarg June 22, 2004
817 119
The act of sexually assaulting a woman with tentacles. Since no human being can really sprout tentacles, this is generally restricted to Japanese Hentai. A versatile entity, such as a robot or alien, can perform tentacle rape on multiple victims at the same time.
Guy: you're a freaky slut aren't you
Girl: yea baby, give it to me
<Guy sprouts tentacles and rapes her orfices>
by blarg July 07, 2004
269 87
not like Jackie Chan
the fat clown was very unchanish
by blarg October 03, 2003
2 0
An online game made to digust and annoy it's players.
"Era Online is such a horrible game!"
by Blarg July 07, 2003
3 3
When a female has her period while wearing white pants or skirt.
When she bent over to get her pen, the boys were treated to her japanese flag.
by blarg September 08, 2003
17 21
1) loxunko
2) locqueseunne queaux
3) d14
loxun is a d14. :$
by blarg September 30, 2003
4 22
Crazy Annie Tranny is the only raver I know and love!
Who's the girl playing with glowsticks? Oh that's Annie Tranny
by blarg February 27, 2005
25 99