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a politically correct band with some fucking unique talent
no example needed, just check out thier albums toxicity and steal this album
by BlankGirl December 26, 2004
The most sexiest man alive!
I wanna fuck Keanu Reeves left right and centre
by BlankGirl April 17, 2008
the process of decision making for individuals and/or groups
politics is everywhere
by BlankGirl December 26, 2004
The best football team on EARTH. With the likes of Robben, Lampard, Terry, Gudjohnson, Carvalho, Joe Cole being the kings of the pitch...you certainly cannot fuck with this team!
The blues are the best!
by BlankGirl May 09, 2005
1. former sneaker pimps lead. when she was around the band was considered cool.
2. the most amazing vocalist/writer ever. so fucking unique and talented
helli ali has a voice that i want
by BlankGirl December 26, 2004
a thing that lesbians' envy
Lesbian Woman: "I wish I had a penis."
by BlankGirl October 28, 2004
if you ever get angry or feel angry listen to them, it's great for catharcism
slipknot rule nuff said
by BlankGirl December 26, 2004

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