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2 definitions by blake and mattia

an overgrown baby with a huge ass jewish bitch nose who has the smalles foot in the world and needs to be diagnosed with tourettes.........has a crazy case of anger management and cant keep his mouth from saying the "F" word, its honestly saddening to see this kid when hes angry
hey are u jay eick i was asked? i said no so the guy wondered why i liked having my dick brown 2 but i guess he got us mixed up(im sean delozier by the way)
by blake and mattia August 01, 2007
a fat faggot fuck who has a really small chode and chokes on jay eicks penis every night ...........
earlier today i was walking and i was called a sean delozier which pretty much means faggot fuck brown poopy dick bastard with a small chode and cant make a throw to second base and should quit playing baseball for the rest of his life
by blake and mattia August 01, 2007