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pretty much what it sounds like

sticking your tongue deep into someones asshole (dirt star)
man, john sure tongue punched sally's dirt star last night, she was alking funny this morning
by Blake a.k.a Wolverine March 15, 2005
defined by the movie Jay and silen Bob strike back when they fight the evil "cock knocker" with bongsabers. Cock knocker has one huge fist which he uses to hit men in the junnks

To cock knock is to it someone in the groin, similar to a fagtag, except you punck or knock on the cock as you would someones front door
John said something stupid about women so Bill cock knocked him good
by Blake a.k.a Wolverine March 15, 2005
The 3rd size of boobs a woman can have
1.boobs/boobies (a-c)
2.jugs (large c-d)
3.balloobies (dd and beyond)

Balloobies are extremely large breasts, size doube D or larger, they no longer resemble perky breasts, rather balloons, hence the combo word balloobies
Damn, that fat bitch had some balloobies
by Blake a.k.a Wolverine March 15, 2005
A ghetto highschool in Waldorf Maryland. Home to many SMIB's, hooknasties, hambones, prostitots and the KRB, and some how rated as number 270 something in the countries best schools...how that happened, we may never know.
Also see: Waldorf, KRB, Operation Sound Off, SMIB
Man, Thomas Stone High is da shiz
by Blake a.k.a Wolverine March 15, 2005
Operation Sound Off, or OSO, started as a brilliant idea that many believed would never materialize. Well, those people had never encountered the KRB. After months of deliberation, planning and reconaissance, the KRB successfully completed OSO and recieved much fame in the underground of Thomas Stone Highschool in Waldorf Maryland. OSO consisted of the following:
(many of the following details have been changed to protect those involved)
1.) a certain auditory device in a certain room of a certain school was disabled to eliminate classroom diruptions. This device resembled and according to sources, actually was an intercom speaker some 20 feet above the ground in plain sight in the middle of a very heavily populated classroom.
Operation Sound off!!, everyone knows that would be impossible.
by Blake a.k.a Wolverine March 15, 2005
someone who is exceptionally bitchy and also untrustworthy, therfore dirty and undesirable like a whore >> Bitch Whore
Jill: well, i know you bought me that diamon bracelet but I just dont think we're meant to be together
Jack:I understand, can I have the bracelet back then
Jill: No, actually I sold it for crack, all of which I have used up
Jack: you fucking bitch-whore
Jill: youre the one that fell down the fucking hill and broke your crown and lost all of our money
Jack: shut the hell up woman
by Blake a.k.a Wolverine March 15, 2005
something that is completely and utterly homosexual and would be pleasant, dare I say delicious, to a homo
that tight pink mens sweater with the banannas on it is a little to fagolicious for me....
by Blake a.k.a Wolverine March 15, 2005
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