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A byword for someone who has a taste for a certain types of sports brand casual clothes such as nike, adidas, etc wear baseball caps, hoodies, tracksuit bottoms and tuck their trousers into their socks.

Stereotypically, they exhibit agressive behavior, drink white lightning, are oversexed, living in relative poverty in menial jobs and being a general nusance. However, this is a common misconception as you don't have to be working class or from a working class background to be a stereotype chav by a long stretch. You don't even have to throw burberry over yourself anymore either, just act like a moron and an obnoxious pain in the hole and that'll probably be enough (even if you still have to wait for your mum to pick you up).

Many pretentious, social commenting boregois Cretins who follow this stereotype love to wail at how "it reflects middle class snobbery".

Unfortuntately, these self-appointed commentators are hypocritically following exactly the same chav stereotype to the letter and are so short sighted, they fail to see what hypocritical, ignorant, talentless cunts they really are.
"You chav bastard! Go back to your white lightning outside Maccy D's!"

"But your such a snob you need to demonise the working class! You deserve any misery chavs throw at you!"

"Hello moron? You believe like said previous cretin that all working class follow the same pattern of mindless drunken talentless thuggery! What makes you different?"

..."I read the Times as well as the Daily Express..."
by blahblah119 March 27, 2009

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