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horton high school is a huge modern school put overtop of some poor man's orchard, on top of a hill in the middle of nowhere. The magority of freshman girls suffer from BBBS (bottle blond bitch syndrome) and wear knockoff boots and have fake Louis Vuittons...and 99% of freshman guys have yet to hit puberty.
The sophmores are divided into several categories and sub categories, since 2 feeder schools dump new students into grade 10 each year. There are hippies, skaters, druggie-skaters, druggies, wannabe skater-esque people, grubs, jocks, popular preps, preps, preps who want to be rebels,and of course the nerds.
The sophmores girls are mostly all bitches obsessed with ugly Ugg boots and being skanky and wearing american eagle. The guys are very into themselves and strut around as if they own the place.
The seniors for the most part are a group of well rounded interesting people. They have gone through the stages of Horton Development, they know who they are, what they want to be, they don't care about status and they'll let you go and smoke pot with them at lunch, if you're lucky.
Person: "whoa, horton high school fucking sucks"
Me: "Yeah, tell me something i Dont know"
by blah fuck that January 21, 2005

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