11 definitions by blah blah blah

a tight ass person who knows how to get down and duuurty
You saw her? i love that mothafucka
by blah blah blah July 09, 2003
A MOTHER FUCKIN FAGGOT who thinks he is cooler than everyone else bur really isnt!
YO! Gez is an asshole
by Blah blah blah March 07, 2005
giving head;

monkey= dick
bath= blowjob
I wanna give your monkey a bath!
by blah blah blah April 08, 2003
Show signs of extreme wide eyes and rapid lip licking. Likes to stay out all night long. So poodle along and get wrapped up!! Loves men in uniform and a military lifestyle. YES SIR!!!!!!!
Enlarged pupils and lizard lips.
by blah blah blah August 13, 2003

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