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11 definitions by blah blah blah

a tight ass person who knows how to get down and duuurty
You saw her? i love that mothafucka
by blah blah blah July 09, 2003
56 79
A MOTHER FUCKIN FAGGOT who thinks he is cooler than everyone else bur really isnt!
YO! Gez is an asshole
by Blah blah blah March 07, 2005
13 45
giving head;

monkey= dick
bath= blowjob
I wanna give your monkey a bath!
by blah blah blah April 08, 2003
2 64
Show signs of extreme wide eyes and rapid lip licking. Likes to stay out all night long. So poodle along and get wrapped up!! Loves men in uniform and a military lifestyle. YES SIR!!!!!!!
Enlarged pupils and lizard lips.
by blah blah blah August 13, 2003
33 106