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the week at the end of the month when you use all of the unused data on your cell plan to download everything in existance, usualy followed by a delete weekend.
guy 1: dude why do you have so many shitty apps on your phone
guy 2: its download week and i still had like two gigs of data, i spent the subway ride downloading everything that looked mildly interesting
guy 1: oh, well your in for one hell of a delete weekend then
by bladewind April 17, 2013
the weekend, usualy once a month, that you spend deleting everything that you dont want on your phone, usualy the aftermath of a download week
guy 1: dude, im in for one hell of a delete weekend.
guy 2: good download week?
guy 1: yeah but now i have so many cat videos i need to get off my phone.
by bladewind April 17, 2013
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