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When in prison, and one man is anal raping another man but has the decency to give the rapee a reach around.
My first few years in prison were rough, but my new cell mate at least gives me the courtesy of a smash and grab.
by blacksheeep September 01, 2010
Anything used to break into a home, vehicle, or business. ussualy a pair of bolt cutters, a slim jim, brick, or screwdriver.
The bike I wanted was chained to a post, good thing I brought my Crystal River Credit Card because now the bike is mine.
by blacksheeep September 01, 2010
A man who considers himself straight, but allows gay men to perform oral sex on them.
I'm not gay but when I was in prison I was a blomosexual.
by blacksheeep September 01, 2010
When a man or woman engages in sexual activity with their pets or random animals.
I'm worried about the jar of peanut butter on Jeff's coffee table, I think he might be a petophile.
by blacksheeep September 01, 2010
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