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2 definitions by blackroseasylum

Designated leader of the Japanese pop (boy)band Lead.

Cute, dorky, and having a phobia of pigeons (as well as bugs), he has won many a fangirl's heart.
"OMG HIROKI IS SO SEXIFUL!!11!!11!!" said the rabid fangirl.
by blackroseasylum July 03, 2005
17 4
A fun, spunky, and very talented Japanese pop group made up of four boys: Hiroki Nakadoi, Akira Kagimoto, Keita Furuya, and Shinya Taniuchi.

They are giant dorks who deserve much love for their hilarious antics. <3

Lead (pronounced leed) are also associated with w-inds. and FLAME, and are under the same record label/management company (Flight Master and Pony Canyon). Collectively, they are known as wFL.
Lead are teh secks. Especially when crossdressing.
by blackroseasylum July 03, 2005
67 71