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yip is a term which is used to describe the constant repition of the same chirp in a chirp fight with the mentality that they're good or clever. There are 3 degrees of yip
3rd degree: Constant repition of the same chirp.
2nd degree: Constant repition and interuption of a chirp
1st degree: To yip the word "yip" itself.
Commonly used yips are as follows:

you're not good
ur gay
Shut up
(inaudible noises)

*BE WARNED! A 1st degree yip is a terrible offense, and you're automatically not good for using it.
Person 1: "Hey do you know what time the bu-"
Person 2: "GAYYYYYY!!"
Person 1: "Are you gonna let me fini-"
Person 2:"GAYYYYYY!!"
Person 1:"Whatever. All you do is yip..."
Person 2: "(thoughts) hehe, i'm really good and clever."
by blackkid856 April 06, 2011

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