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Hannah is the bestest friend you could EVER have, shes the funniest person ever, absolutely gorgeous and is always someone you can count on! Hannah is always there for me, shes just like a sister. She comes up with some of the most hilarious lines ever. You can have so much funnn with hannah shes always up for a good timee and is always smiling shes rarely ever sad! She is such an amazing person, i love hannah so muchhhhhh :D
person 1: gchvjbkfdcvxsdfbzjkcx FUCK YOU BITCH

hannah: go hibernate, coz it just isn't working mate

person 1: hahahhahahha i love you hannah


hannah: Knock knock

person 1: whos there?

hannah: tank

person 1: tank who?

hannah: your welcome
by blaahhhblaahhh November 23, 2011

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