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a universal phrase for just about anything, usually not very descriptive
that dress is just kinda bla
by bla September 19, 2003
something boys often feel a need to do, especially when outdoors
there he goes, marking his territory again
by bla September 19, 2003
good day to you, or well done, or often used to desplay that the user has just had a pleasureable thought
hey tons o' fun, you see that hot peice of ass over there? Snoochieboochies!
by bla January 11, 2003
Acton is a small town in eastern MASS with one of the best school systems in the state! wow Acton has a gigantic Portuguese/Brazilian population (and som ehispanics. They all control the many Dunkin' Doughnuts in the town, and are believed to soon take over the town. Acton is also full of bunch of homofobic assholes, mainly the stupid jocks (basically 1/3 of the school). There is also nowhere to hang out in Acton. If you can't drive u are just stranded in the house. The only place people can hang out at is the bowladrome, which is a really sketchy dark place that makes people feal like they're gonna get raped while in there.
Actonian: Ya, umm, all have a Mocha Late.
Dunkin' Doghnuts Employee: Como?
Actonian: Oh fuck, ur forgein... I'LL... HAVE... UN... MOCHA... LATE... POR FAVOR.
by bla April 29, 2005
Concord is a small town in Eastern Mass, that is next to the hip and happenin town of Acton. Concord is a town full of a bunch of rich kids with houses worth millions. They all think that their town is poor, when they're all actually being a bunch of blind dumbasses. They are just jeleuos that Acton's schools has better academics, sports, the list goes on. Concord is also know for where the revolutionary war was at. They take all they fame in stuff, when other towns like Acton and Lexington, and more, should have some friggin fame. Concord is also know for having one of the first Unitarian Universalist churches, which is something they CAN brag about. Some toallty cool UUs are Therough, the lady who wrote Little Women, and MANY more... GO UUS! ANYways, concord is full of a bunch of rich preps who think they're ghettolicious.
Concordian 1: Hey, want to go grab a cup of tea?
Concordian 2: Sure. That sounds delightful.
by bla April 11, 2005

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