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A group of eight universities in the Northeastern United States that are regarded to be the best colleges in the country (or even the world). Coined by sports writer Caswell Adams in 1937 as a term for the then-powerful eastern football league, it originally included Army and Navy as well.

Since then, it is the aspiration of many high school students (and their parents) to get an "Ivy League Education"
Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Pennsylvania, Princeton, and Yale are the colleges of the Ivy League.
by BKred October 16, 2004
"I would found an institution where any person can find instruction in any study."

Founded in 1865 by Ezra Cornell, now a member of the elite group of schools known as the Ivy League. Regarded to be the easiest to get into (due to the state colleges that are branches of the university) but the hardest to stay in. In one article, it was mentioned as "the only campus where you walk up a 45 degree incline in 45 degree weather to get a 45% on a test."
Far above Cayuga's waters...
Hail, all Hail Cornell
by BKred October 16, 2004
One who spies on others while they are engaged in some sort of lewd behavior. Stems from the legend of when Lady Godiva rode through the streets of a town nude. She had instructed the townsfolk to not watch her, but one, known simply as Tom, peeked and was immediately blinded.
I couldn't resist being a Peeping Tom when I passed the nudist camp
by BKred July 19, 2004
1. A far superior model to its counterpart, the ti-83. Can graph 3D functions, differentiate and integrate and calculate Taylor series. The symbol of a true math or science geek.

2. The main reason I'm passing college math.
1. I really need to get a ti-89. This crap is too hard.

2. I LOVE MY TI-89!!!
by BKred January 18, 2004
A now outdated but still useful graphing calculator. Cannot be purchased anymore, replaced with ti-83+. Commonly used to play games in class or cheat on tests by typing in your notes (you know you did). Less powerful than ti-89 but quite perfect for High School use.
So I typed up my notes on my ti-83 last night. Want a copy?
by BKred January 18, 2004
Sexual relations between two people who live on the same floor. Typically used in the context of college dorms. Generally frowned upon.
Jim and Mary have been engaging in floorcest!
by BKred January 05, 2004
The star of www.emotioneric.com, wherein visitors to the webiste request some sort of emotion (or reasonable facsimile) and Eric will attempt to act it out.
Have you checked out emotion eric lately?
by BKred January 05, 2004
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