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1) an exclamation of surprise or frustration, when a more extreme swear is inappropriate.
2) a way of swearing your ass off and the other person won't know you're cussin' them out
3) can be used interchangeably with fuck
4) an idiot; a disagreeable poopoo head
5) a verb implying swift and deadly violence towards
1) Oh clipe! I just shit my drawers
2) Clipe me! They're clipein' nihilists!
3) That mother-cliper Bush can clipe my ass.
4) "What the clipe are you doing here?", I said to the midget who was waxing a donkey in front of my house.
5) That friggen' cliper just stole my clipein' shit! what a rat bastard!!!
6) If i ever catch that dude Seymour Butts, i'm gonna clipe him up!!!
by bk6669 May 21, 2009

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