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the almost perverse pleasure at the complete and utter self-destruction of Lindsay Lohan; a specific use of schadenfreude.
With Lindsay getting caught lying about having her passport stolen and the cops waiting to arrest her drunken ass because she decided to party in Europe instead of attend drug & alcohol rehab classes, I'm in such a state of lohanfruede! I cannot wait to see what stupidity she pulls next!
by bjciii May 21, 2010
the feeling one gets when they are so obsessed on a person / action / situation that it begins to actively stress them out to the point of headaches or nausea
After Ernie sent a text to Maria telling her how great of a time they had on their date that night, he began to obstress when his text wasn't returned within a few minutes, checking his phone every 10 seconds to make sure he didn't "miss it."
by bjciii April 08, 2014

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