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This band strives around having an image, not actually concentrating on their music at all. They make bland, boring, generic metal, and Oli Sykes triple dubs his vocals and adds a radio affect to them. Their guitars are flat sounding, and so are the drums. Its pretty obvious that the band revolves around Oliver Sykes because scenies think he's "hott." When in reality, he isn't. It's just his scene look that attracts them. You can usually find scene kids obsessing over the band because one of them said they were cool, so just like Hello Kitty, diamonds, and bat's, all the other scene kids think it's cool. And once again it's obvious that it has nothing to do with the music. Its a combination of them being attracted to the vocalist, and because they're scene to like, and scene kids are always looking for scene points.

The band themselves other than musicians have no idea what they're talking about when it comes to music. The most obvious question to ask a band is "who are you influences." BMTH can even answer it because they don't have a clue. The members are all cocky, arrogant, pricks. They're in it for the fashion. Which makes it even more obvious because the band owns their own clothing line, which brings up "maybe they're just doing it to get their name out?" Which they are because it's the most advertised thing on their website. Bottom line, obsess over a band that has talent and deserves the dedicated fan's. Not some piece of shit glamXcore scene band from the UK full of drag queen pricks.
Bring me the horizon is famous because of Oli, and that's it. Notice that no on ever talks about the rest of the band, or their music for the matter.
by bizzletizzle April 12, 2007

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