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2 definitions by bize

A female involved in fucking professional athletes in the hopes of being cool or getting pregnant. Usually having fake tits, being annoying as shit and wornout. (see wakerslut)
I saw her out there pro-hoin' it up like a slut, her grandma paid for her tit job.
by bize October 26, 2005
A female invloved in the process of pro-hoing (see pro-ho) or sucking dick to be cool; generally having fake titties and one or more children. Can often be found on rivers and lakes face down providing her services, as the only female on the boat.
Yo that chick is a wakerslut. I saw her at the comp pro-hoin' it up with her fake teets. She would suck dick for gas money and a Coor's Light.
by bize October 26, 2005