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3 definitions by bixby

Almost defeated, like a boxer who has been knocked down and who will lose the fight if he can't get back on his feet before the referee counts to 10.
The Patriots score a touchdown! That makes it 24-14 with just two minutes to play. The Giants are really down for the count now.
by bixby January 29, 2008
A woman who feels that she might as well be a widow because her husband spends so much time away from her playing golf.
On weekends Cheryl is a real golf widow.
by bixby April 11, 2009
"The Boss is Coming" -- An acronym used particularly as a button in recreational software designed for use in the workplace. When the button is clicked, the game, image, or other recreational activity is replaced on the screen by a simulated spreadsheet or document.
The boss is coming -- hit the TBIC button on your Tetris!
by bixby March 27, 2008