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Located in Bergen County, New Jersey, the lovely town of Wyckoff is more than anyone could ever hope for. Children get the finest education starting in kindergarten at Lincoln, Coolidge, Washington, or my personal favorite, Sicomac, where the "smart" kids go. Eisenhower Middle School is the place to slack off as you hide in the bathrooms during recess and steal water at lunch, not because you have to considering your parents are loaded, but just so you can feel badass. Ramapo High School is the place to be, but some tools choose to spend their four years at Indian Hills instead. You'll wear True Religion, Sevens, Juicy, Polo, Lacoste, Hollister, Abercrombie And Fitch, Free People, Lucky, and any other brand of clothes that will cost at least two-hundred for an outfit. You'll find tricked out cars in Ramapo's student parking lot and superlative night is the chance to tear on the people you've hated for years.

We're bitches and assholes, yes. But we're hot and rich, so unlike you, we get away with it.
Bitty- I live in Wyckoff
Bitty2- Damn.
by bitttyyyyy November 15, 2006

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