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a crazy psycho bitch who is super possessive of ex boyfriends and doesn't have the ability to let go. she thinks that every guy she's been with is her personal property. also will not hesitate to make up bullshit stories to make herself seem more interesting or in a desperate bid for attention. also similar to kaitlyn in personality.
a complete slut who doesn't understand the concept of being single for more than three seconds
girl1: hey is it okay if i go out with your ex of two years ago?
girl2: NO!!!!! HE'S MINE!!!!
girl1: but you broke up two years ago!!!!
girl2: if you go out with him i'll disown you. if you were really my friend you wouldn't do this to me
girl1: omg you're being such a kat!!!!
by bitchfrmhellllllllllll June 02, 2009

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