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normal people with a regular view of life exept for the fact that they are attracted to the same gender in a more intimate way, although I say that the people who stifle someones speach just because they express a certain viewpoint is very bad, but likewise with people who purposly express viewpoints to offend other people, that is bad as well and this is the problem between homophobics and pro-gay or homosexual people that I commonly see a lot, I support gays I am also accepting of people who disagree with this movement, they can hate it, but they cannot have the priviledge to verbally harass or to phisically abuse them for their views likewise with homosexuals
watch illwillpress's "channels"
Misunderstood and constantly assaulted and debated. Techno is sound, rock is sound, House is sound, every single genre of music and music in general is noise bent to rhythym. Contrary to popular belief Techno takes effort to make. Techno compensates for its lack of lyrics with more melodius content. I'm not saying it is neccesarily true since there is a lot of bad techno and good techno. People need to start noticing that the machine did not make the music, the artist did. A lot of artists sample noise they have made ir they have fiddled with the equiptment to re-sample the sound. Takes as much effort as to find the tune on the piano, or the guitar or the brass/wind/reed instrument (unfortunately enough the last instrument(s) aren't exactly popular anymore). Its a genre of music that is a lot of the time difficult because it experimental. It needs to be, for it is an evolving genre of music akin to all other genres
Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Autechre etc etc forgive me if I missed several dozen other fine techno artists. They're all good
Unfortunately, most of the people have been misled with the relation between Gary Coleman and Andy Milonakis. Coleman had a congenital kidney dysfunction which caused an autoimmune regection of the kidney. Stunting Gary's growth giving him a small stature. Andy has a pituitary gland dysfunction, which came out stunting almost all of his growth. Andy Milonakis rose to fame on the internet with his "SuperBowl is Gay" song along with a slew of other songs, mostly freestyle raps. He has his own TV show, which to some veiwers, marks as the start of the downfall of MTV. Others do not agree and claim he is quite humorous. From a critical point of view <my view> He seems mediocre, like most of TV, his humor can only hit to one side of the audience, opposite of me. His humour to me is bland, but I respect the other side, so to them it is good, and their opinions are of signifigant value as well.
Andy Milonakis, congenital problem, Gary Coleman
by bitch-slap contorted-body nomad August 15, 2005
Fordism is the belief in Henry Ford's philosophies in life. Fordism believes that history is nonsense and that the people living in the present have to make history. Also having relation with the assembly line, high efficiency, good hard workers etc.
Look at Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World" which uses Fordism to sculpt it's dystopian society and culture.
by bitch-slap contorted-body nomad October 19, 2005
something that somepeople find hard to beilieve in for we were never there how can we be sure it happened, for all we know the world that we live in, or better yet, the reality could be in a farce, a lie and perhaps weve been mind-fucked for an experiment and that everything has been a result of years of careful planning made by one super-power, but maybe power has nothing to do with it and that bussiness itself exists within our reality and not theirs, or prehaps on account to what daniel quinn was saying for all those years, perhaps its mother culture who produces the theories and the consiricy ideas to make us forget, maybe history did happen but people who "try to look at it in a different way" are the ones with the second hidden agenda, perhaps we'll never know
no example will really enough to express this
just a bunch of fuckers who think unfairly, are ignorant and have different agendas
my friends are back-stabbing, annoying, homeless, junkies, boozehounds, desperate, suicidal, posers, arrogant, bitchy, and last but not least really young
generally disputed amongst peers and an audience, sometimes overrated, underrated, poor in skills, or professional etc. but thats why I put in the word "disputed"!
Im and artist who doesnt distribute themeself for the good of the art

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