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A one night stand that brings along a large bag of their belongings and necessities. And for one reason or another the person stays longer than the one night...
While she was getting out of her car for a one nighter I turned and noticed she had brought along some suitcases and a lamp.

Uh oh looks like you got yourself a move in special.
by bionic88 March 24, 2011
The Juicebox Generation is a sub group betwixt Gen X and Gen Y'rs. It was the late 1980's to early 1990's when both parents were working full time. Moms sent their kids off to school with packed lunches complete with you guessed it: a Juice box.
What's up with kids these days? All they do is play video games and watch TV.

You can blame their Juice Box Generation parents...
by bionic88 March 14, 2011

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