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Shortened version of the insult 'ignorant frizz' meaning a person who is ignorant, often with frizzy bush hair.
"Jemi you iggy!"

"Look at that iggy!"

"Speak to me, you iggy!"
by billybillyohbilly February 01, 2008
Some vile and rancid excuse for a member of the lug train, who thinks his flesh is worthy of our presence.
"That Claudy is a right willy!"
by billybillyohbilly September 11, 2008
Phrase used to tell someone to get something finished.
John Travolta well made this phrase up in 'Carrie'
"Git r done man, git r done!"
by billybillyohbilly May 02, 2008
Pronounced o-rij-ee

Some one who has originality.
"Why do you go to Morri'z for a day out?"
"Because we are origy's"
by billybillyohbilly September 11, 2008
Part of the IGGY FAMILY TREE, the LUG derives from the patrilineal IGGY line.

A lug is and can be a indescribable object in space.

"You utter LUG"

"Look at that LUG!"

by billybillyohbilly April 01, 2008
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