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nigga wit no flo
we shud crucify flo rida, nelly, and the rest of them busta ass niggas and resurrect hip hop from the dead
by billups1 July 04, 2011
somethin that suburban white kids think all black ppl are. they also confuse it with gangsta all the time.
Diyon: ayyo my nigga dwayne lets go shoot hoops man

Garrett the white kid: holy moly! hes so ghetto!
by billups1 July 04, 2011
this man created gangsta rap with nwa, then he went and created g-funk with nate and snoop. one of the most pivotal figures in hip hop.

also one of the greatest hip hop producers of all time, if not the greatest.

people give him shit cuz a lot of his material is ghostwritten, but fuck it. he aint aspirin to be a great rapper, he aspires to be a great producers.
"I can take a 3 year old and make a hit record with him" - dr. dre
by billups1 July 04, 2011

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