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1 definition by billaryjoejoedavid1

the term metal head can refer to:

1. Someone who listens to crappy metal music and nothing else, and thinks that any other music is totally not hardcore enough for them. They often wear black hoodies and black tees with the names and logos of their awful bands on them.

2. The race of monsters that serve as the co-main antagonists of Jak II and Jak 3. Only two, Kor and Kaedan, have ever spoken and shown any sign of intellect, but somehow they are all more intelligent than the metal music fans that they share their name with.
Alix: So are we going to listen to that new album you bought in the car?
Jess: Naw, my brother's driving and he's a metal head and won't let me play anything that isn't 'hardcore' when he's around.

Bob: So are you into <name of band that doesn't suck>
Arsehole: No way, I'm a farking metalhead, I won't listen to that sorta pussy trash!

It's a helluva lot easier to kill metalheads than it is to kill the dark makers.
by billaryjoejoedavid1 December 25, 2010
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