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Much like an Upper Decker but instead of defacating in the upper part of a toilet you defacate in a water softener salt tank. Mostly used in the country where people have wells and need water softeners to remove hardness, iron, etc.
That party sucked. I was going to give them an Upper Decker but when I saw the water softener in the bathroom closet I decided to give them an Outfielder instead.
by bill1970 November 10, 2009
masturbation. The tip of a penis resembles the shiney bald head of a monk. See also punching the midget punching the munchkin punching the cyclops
After 50 minutes of punching the monk, Don was wasted.
by bill1970 July 08, 2010
Term used when someone is being greedy. If you keep giving someone what they want it will eventually turn out bad for both of you. Reference is to feeding an African bullfrog 100 crickets and a mouse. The end result was the frog shit all over itself and the aquarium.
If his parents keep giving him everything he wants they'll have a spoiled kid on their hands. Feed the toad!!
by bill1970 December 01, 2013

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