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Largest city in the US state of Alaska, located in the Southcentral Region along the Knik Arm, Cook Inlet, and Turnagain Arm. The population is about 260,000 (Census 2000), which is nearly half of Alaska's state population. The current mayor of Anchorage is Mark Begich. The most popular spots include Century 16 theater, Chilkoot Charlie's, Moose's Tooth pub & pizzeria, Bear Tooth theater pub, Dimond Center, and 5th Avenue Mall. Lowest temperatures are usually in the single digits during the winter, and can reach as high as the seventies to eighties during the summer. The summer is considered Anchorage's tourist season, where the downtown area near the port tends to be the busiest. Great location for travel especially during summer, but winters can get cold, dark, and depressing for some residents.
It is said that Anchorage has two seasons: winter and construction.
by bill kapok March 27, 2005
A factitious word alleged to mean "a lung disease caused by the inhalation of very fine silica dust" but occurring chiefly as an instance of a very long word. (Definition retrieved from Oxford English Dictionary)
Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is notable for causing respiratory problems as well as unnecessary fatigue and frustration at spelling bees.
by bill kapok March 15, 2005
Individual who appears to lack concern, emotion, or enthusiasm.
I went to Wal-Mart one day to pick up some stuff, and all the sudden I saw a man slip and fall on spilled antifreeze in the automotive area. Other shoppers walked by and resumed their shopping as if nothing happened. Man, what a bunch of drones. (fiction)
by bill kapok March 15, 2005
(lit. Mountain Witch) Fashion trend that arose in 1999 amongst teenage girls in the Shibuya district of Tokyo, Japan. It is expressed by means of extreme tanning (i.e. going to tanning salons 3-4 times a week), bleached hair, and white, silvery makeup. The Yamamba make fruitless attempts at getting attention from common Japanese, whilst providing as elaborate displays for gaijin, or foreigners.
Wow. Those Yamamba look extra crispy from all that tanning. I should probably avoid them though; they may be radioactive.
by bill kapok January 22, 2005
The unofficial state fish of Hawaii. Recognizable by a diamond-shape body with armor-like scales, a dark stripe across their silver sides and belly, and pale blue fins. In addition, they have a sharp, spike-like dorsal fin, hence they are commonly known as triggerfish.

Common name: Hawaiian triggerfish

Scientific name: Rhinecanthus rectanglus
Snorkeling in Hanauma Bay one day, I detected several humuhumunukunukuapua'a swimming about. I tried to swim up and touch one, but it just darted away.
by bill kapok March 15, 2005
Combination of "web" and "dweeb". Individual who spends the majority of their waking hours on the internet. In particular, they indulge in posting links to deliberately disgusting or obscene websites throughout forums, and/or seek "hook-ups" in chatrooms.

(Hopefully someone else or myself could come up with a better synonym in the future.)
I often wonder if these dwebs have a recognizable occupation outside of cyberspace.
by bill kapok March 16, 2005
Intermingling of the Greek prefix "pseudo" and the adjective "philisophical", i.e. falsely philisophical. The intention of creating this word isn't applicable to criticism of philisophical arguments per se, but rather to certain scenes of bad movies or low-budget films in which the dialogue contains lines which were probably the film director's attempt at being philisophical, but is in fact unintelligible nonsense.
At the beginning of Ed Wood Jr's "Plan 9 From Outer Space", the narrator's purpose is to provide a compelling prophecy of the Future. But unfortunately, it is ultimately pseudosophical rubbish.
by bill kapok January 23, 2005

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