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Motox-Fox is a company that was started 1n 1974. Back then they made FOx Shox suspension and other engine parts for racers. However nowadays Fox is the central company for posers. So many people wear Fox clothing, most people just know it has something to do with motocross, some people just wear it cause it's cool. But the truth is, Fox use to make Fox Shox. Now Fox makes everything a poser could want, from shoes to backpacks.
kc,"Hey I see you are wearing a Fox Shirt, Do you ride?"

Poser,"What does that mean?"

kc,"Oh wouldn't cha know, you're a poser"

Poser,"Umm i don't know what your talking about so i'm gonna hop in my mall crawler and bone out."
by bill cosby master July 07, 2006

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