20 definitions by bill clinton

A man with a very large set of genitals.
His name is usually Wayne. He gets all the bitches and the hoes.
That Sak is really built like a horse.
by Bill Clinton October 28, 2003
Extremly skilled baitor. Uses various types of things to bait. Head of the EBT (Elite Baiting Tactics) Squad. Often known to bait people that refer to themselves as rebz 's.
Man I caied that guy so bad. I shoulda just won by default.
by Bill Clinton April 09, 2003
This is something that Ah actually said on the night of September 27, 2003 in a "secret" Adult's bar in New York City:
"Fuck me please Ah am very gay. Wanna know mah fuckin name? it is Blowjob. Aka: Billy Boy. AKA: Bill Clinton The Ass Fucker. Peeps, Ah really like men, 'specially there asses;......so fuck me."
The only reason Ah'm puttin mah quote here is because Ah furgot to put it in mah book: My Life.
by Bill Clinton December 07, 2004
Names masturbaters name their hand
1.Gripney Spears
2.Christina Jackalera
3.Cumin Elektra
4.The Pullsome Twins
5.Palmala Anderson
6.Courtney Cocks
7.Jenutfer Lopez
8.Janet Jerkson
9.Brianna Bangs
10.Jerksica Simpson
Ahh... cumin...ahh. elektra yeah!!!!!
by Bill Clinton February 16, 2005
The worlds biggest pimp. A man the owns.
chileputo is a pimp look at how many bitches he has and look how he owns in CS
by Bill Clinton July 09, 2003
The sexiest 12 year old MMA whore on Gamefaqs. DtB is impossible to kill and keeps coming back with a new account each time, even sexier than he was before.He has a really big Basilikos that he threatens people with.
Oh! Oh! Stick your Basilikos in me, DtB!
by Bill Clinton June 07, 2004

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