1 definition by bilbo baggins will conquer

Typically a crazy cool kid with a past time of being a chivalrous knight in shining armor. In his everyday life he may come off as sometimes shy, but when in battle proves to be a great warrior of chaotic bad ass stamina. No one can defeat him not even the greatest Gothic beasts of any Dragons time. When put in a very uncomfortable situations in his everyday environment he has the swift ability of avoiding conversation by not speaking to create awkward pauses that not even the greatest of conversationalist can decipher. Not only can he slay mythical beasts in his free time, but typically Dominic's can conquer and defeat equations like a knight taking victory over a fight of ferocious velocity. Watch out for this character of legit ability at scrabble , because Dominic's are swift and crafty, they will pop up with facts when you least expect it.
Don't Challenge Dominic to a dull for he will conquer.
If not looking out carefully Dominic will prove your theories wrong with his chaotic mathematical powers.
by bilbo baggins will conquer October 14, 2011

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