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-The Largest City in Rhode Island with 175000 people
-Downcity/Waterfire and the Mall is pretty nice
-The Present Mayor is Gay while the former one was corrupt
-Everywhere besides downtown and eastside is out of bounds, you really have no buissness there unless u live there, visiting someone, or going somewhere.
* Heres the reason you dont wanna go to the wrong neighboorhood

Providence Murders

1985 14
1986 18
1987 20
1988 21
1989 28
1990 31
1991 17
1992 19
1993 22
1994 20
1995 22
1996 16
1997 12
1998 15
1999 26
2000 30
2001 23
2002 23
2003 18
2004 17
2005 20
2006 11

-Its also a very diverse city with over half the population spanish
-Home of the 1999, 2000, 2001 Gravity Games
-Overall if your from out of town there is plenty of things to do down city; just dont venture off to a bad area
Little Kid: Mommy can we go 2 the Providence Place Mall
Mom: Yes as long as you can help read the highway signs, I dont wanna take the wrong exit and be in the wrong neighboorhood.
Little Kid: I think we will be better off By going to the Warwick Mall
by Bigz August 05, 2008
Fucked on a raw deal
Found on the road dead
fix or repair daily
person1: dude im about to get a ford
person2: dont man i got fucked on a raw deal by ford my cars constantly falling apart
by bigz September 02, 2007

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